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  • We are a security company providing security services and installations.
  • We operate in the Northern Cape, based in Kimberly and service surrounding areas
  • TSS Top Security Systems is the only SAIDSA (South Africa Intruder Detection Association) control room in the Northern Cape, which meets the regulations of the SAIDSA.
  • We strive to use the best and quality equipment when managing installations, for the best services and quality control
  • To ensure that we have the best and dedicated members of staff, our staff undergo regular polygraph test
  • Our information systems are all checked and evaluated by independent specialists to ensure the safety of information in our care.

What Sets Us Apart

In any industry, to stay ahead and relevant, there is need for differentiation and setting one apart from the rest. This makes us market leaders and champion in the security industry in the Northern Cape, Kimberly. Below are some of our differentiation points:

  • We are SAIDSA (South Africa Intruder Detection Association) registered fully regulated
  • We operate 24 hour control room manned by multiple staff
  • We have a dedicated key runner vehicle operating between control room and armed response team
  • We provide training to our staff regularly, conducted by external, independent specialists
  • We operate backup systems that are secure, in case of eventualities

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